Open Board & Card Gaming Wednesday 2/7

Hello all! Michael here with an exciting event for you. Omar's World of Comics & Hobbies is proud to announce our first open-table gaming night, scheduled this coming Wednesday, 2/7/18, from 5:30 to 9:00 PM. We will have some demo games out for folks to try, or you can bring your own favorites and find players here! Omar's has snacks, drinks, and ice cream treats for sale.

We hope you'll come take some time to socialize, play some games, and check out our new store in the heart of Lexington Center. We've had a blast in the few weeks we've been open so far, and have enjoyed meeting everyone who has come in to say hi. We'll be announcing more types of gaming demos, playtesting nights, and tournaments soon, so watch our Event Page for our calendar!

This event is free and suitable for gamers of all ages.

For more information on our store's code of conduct, click here.

Michael Epstein