July 2018 Events - Come Play With Us!

June was excellent for us here at Omar's, and we're super excited that it's now summer! Come enjoy our air conditioning and beat the heat with a cold drink or ice cream, all while reading some new comics or playing a game! 

Tabletop RPG Table Rentals

We've had a lot of fun hosting a Pathfinder Society group here at Omar's every other Wednesday, and want to see more Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying game (RPG) groups in this summer. If you are interested in renting a table regularly, contact us! We typically charge $5/player/day, for a 4-hour slot, and will work with you to find music options for the store that suit your game!

If you don't have a group, but know how to DM (or GM) for a group, contact us too! We're seeking experienced DMs to run Dungeons & Dragons for players who have expressed interest at the store.

Now, on to the Events!

Pokemon TCG Club Summer Hours

We had a great time this Spring at our weekly Pokemon Club, but this summer are going to be shifting it around a bit. It will still run Thursdays from noon to 3 PM, but only every other week, starting Thursday July 5th (then the 19th, August 2nd, etc)We will resume our weekly schedule in the Fall. Pokemon Young Trainer's Club is meant for elementary students who want to learn and play and trade Pokemon, but we welcome middle schoolers as well during the summer, too. Entry is $2 to just play, $5 for playing and pizza, and an additional $3 for a how-to-play or deckbuilding lesson with our staff.

Upcoming Events at Omar's

This Friday June 29th, we will be hosting a Magic: The Gathering Dominaria Draft at 6 PM. Registration opens at 5:30 PM, and is open to all players who know how to play. We will be looking into starting a Magic lesson series over the next few weeks as well, and will be seeking feedback and gauging interest levels in that. Entry will be $20, with prize support for each win, and additional prizes TBD based on player amounts.

Then Saturday June 30th from 1 to 4 PM, we are excited to kick off our monthly Painting Day with Carol! We had a great time in  May when Carol Pandolph of The Muse's Touch Miniatures Painting came in to teach minis painting techniques, and now are hosting her the last Saturday of every month to offer advice and a place to paint. Entry is $5 per painter to defray travel and materials cost. Minis are not provided, but we have many Warhammer and fantasy miniatures available for sale if you don't have your own to paint. This event is recommended for ages 8+. She will also be back Saturday July 28th, and the last Saturday of every month for this event!

July 4th we will be CLOSED for Independence Day, so our biweekly Open Table Gaming night will be moved to July 11th from 5:30-9:30 PM. Our next open gaming nights are as follows:

July 11th, 5:30-9:30
July 18th, 5:30-9:30
August 1st, 5:30-9:30

Friday July 20th at 6 PM we will be holding our first Sealed Magic: The Gathering event. We will be cracking open a box of Magic: The Gathering - Unstable for a Sealed Tournament. Players will get packs of cards to build decks out of, along with provided basic lands, and will then be competing for prizes! Entry will be $25 for the 6 packs of the JOKE SET Unstable to build a 40-card deck fromand wacky prizes will be provided for the top players.

See you at Omar's this summer!

-Michael, Events Manager