Sept-Oct 2018 Events - Fall is here!

Hello gamers, comic readers, and fellow fans of all things Omar’s World of Comics & Hobbies! We’re thrilled the heat has passed, and with school now in full swing in Lexington, we hope you’re getting back into your reading, no matter your age. Yes, comics and graphic novels count as reading! We’ve got all sorts of new titles including crossover characters like “Soldier Supreme #1” (Captain America fused with Doctor Strange), “Return of Wolverine #1”, and the big setup for Batman’s next adventure in “Batman #55”. However, we’ve also got lots more events happening!

Recurring Events

Every Thursday through September and October, from 12:30-3:30, we’ll be hosting our fan-favorite Pokemon Young Trainers Club! $2/player, +$3 for pizza, with great deals on Pokemon starter decks.

Every other Wednesday from 5:30 to 9:30, we host a free, open-table board game night. Open to all ages, these are great for trying out new games from our demo library (or bringing your own favorites!), making friends, and enjoying the company of fellow gamers! Check our Events Page for the full calendar of recurring events.

September Events

Friday the 21st, from 6 to 9:30 PM, we’ll be hosting another Magic the Gathering M19 booster draft tournament! $20 per player, with bonus packs for each match won!

Saturday the 29th, Carol Pandolph of The Muse’s Touch Miniatures Painting will be returning to Omar’s for an afternoon of miniature painting. $5/painter, BYO mini (or choose from our selection of Warhammer or Pathfinder/D&D minis for sale), with lots of colors and materials provided for your convenience. Get those minis painted!

Finally, on Sunday the 30th from 1 to 5 PM, we’re hosting another Pokemon TCG Booster Draft for Celestial Storm! $25/player to draft 6 booster packs, with bonus packs available for winning matches. Open to all players, but the rules will NOT be taught at this event, so come ready to play, with your damage counters, status markers, etc. ready to go.

October Events

Friday October 5th from 6 to 9:30 PM we’re going to be celebrating the release of the newest set of Magic: The Gathering with a Guilds of Ravnica Booster Draft! Enter the city the size of a planet and maneuver your way through levels of war and intrigue between the ten guilds that rule it. $20/player, with prize packs for each win. Then Friday the 19th we’ll be holding another Guilds of Ravnica Booster Draft— $20 entry, open to all Magic players.

On Saturday October 20th we’ll be doing Miniatures Painting again with Carol Pandolph, a week early. $5/painter, open to all.

Saturday October 27th is HalloweenFest! All day at Omar’s we’ll be celebrating the season of spookiness with FREE COMICS! Come check out a selection of Halloween-themed comics for readers of all ages, plus try our Booster Pack Dice Challenge to win bonus packs of trading cards ($5 gets you the chance to win up to three packs, with a guarantee of one!).

On Halloween, October 31st from 2-6 PM, come trick or treat in Lexington Center, and be sure to stop by Omar’s World of Comics & Hobbies in costume for a treat! We’re excited to see all the superheroes of Lexington come by.


Until next time!