Sushi Go! Learn to Play Night

Hello all! Hope you've been watching the events calendar for our upcoming happenings for the rest of February and beyond.

Tonight, Wednesday February 21st from 5-7 PM, we will be hosting a Learn-to-Play event for Sushi Go!, a fast and fun card game about building the best happy sushi set, from local publisher Gamewright. It is a great game for ages 8 and up, and is a great introductory game to introduce a common mechanic (drafting) that is used in games from 7 Wonders to Magic: The Gathering

This is a paid event at $2/player, but your $2 entry fee will go towards the purchase of Sushi Go! and the bigger Sushi Go! Party if you buy today. This is the format we'll typically be going with for our in-store learn-to-play events, so keep that in mind if you've got a game you're looking to learn and possibly buy!

Be sure to contact us if you have any games you're interested in seeing at a learn-to-play night, or any other event ideas!

Michael Epstein